Services - Legionella Remedial Work To Ensure Compliance

To ensure compliance with L8 regulations and local bye water laws, we can offer to carry out any remedial actions highlighted from the L8 Risk Assessment. Our consultants will offer the best and professional advice along with the necessary course of action.

Our aim is to provide you with a quality cost effective service with complete satisfaction using only fully trained and appointed staff with all relevant qualifications.

    Our services include:-
  • Installing Thermostatic Mixer Valves.
  • Repairing or replacing water heaters and calorifiers.
  • Removal of dead-legs (redundant pipework or water service) or other unwanted water services.
  • Insulating water storage tanks and its associated pipe works.
  • Reconfiguration of pipe work within a cold water storage tank.
  • Fixing new tank lids and fitting Bylaw 30 kits.
  • Installing/replacing ball valves.
  • calorifiers
  • Installing insect and rodent screens on cold water storage tanks.
  • Clean & chlorinations of water tanks.
  • Installation or replacement of water storage tanks.
  • Installation or replacement of shower pumps/water pumps.
  • Installation or replacement of stopcocks, isolation valves, double check valves etc.
  • All works are carried out in compliance with the local authority water bye laws.