Services - Water Tank Replacement & Refurbishment

Older cold water storage tanks are usually constructed of metal. This can corrode or rust over time, releasing particles of rust into the water thus harbouring bacteria and resulting in leaks. New cold water tanks are usually made of plastic or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) in order to prevent this problem from occurring. If you need to replace your existing cold water tank, then you will probably be switching to a plastic one. Plastic and GRP water tanks are almost impossible to corrode and can therefore last longer than metal tanks.


Combining over two decades of experience, H2O can provide accurate and exacting advice on water tank replacement. After a detailed survey, new specification will be provided and all work will be carried out using our experienced technicians. All work and material supplied will comply with the L8 regulations and the Local Water Authority Bye Laws.

metal tank

Where possible, H2O Water Solutions are able to refurbish old metal water tanks. This can be a cost effective method if the situation allows. Special coatings ensure that conditions for legionella growth are not favourable

After the water tank cleaning we provide a detailed chlorination certificate and we can provide extensive water testing services through a UKAS certified laboratory to give confidence in the cleanliness of water system.