Services - Legionella L8 Risk Assessments & Reviews

It is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act, The COSHH Regulations, and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Act to carry out a Risk Assessment of all water systems.

The requirement for a suitable and sufficient legionella risk assessment to identify the risk of Legionellosis from work activities and water sources in the workplace is further defined in The Health & Safety Commission's, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, L8 document "The control of legionella bacteria in water systems".

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    Your legal duties are to:-
  • Identify and assess the sources of risk.
  • Prepare a scheme for preventing or controlling risk.
  • Appoint a person to be managerially responsible.
  • Implement and manage precautions.
  • Keep records of the precautions implemented.

Legionella is caused by the bacteria Legionella Pneumophilia, this can be found naturally in many water sources at very low levels. However, if conditions are right for the bacteria to grow then it will create conditions to which Legionnaires Disease will favour. It is therefore important to enforce measure in line with the approved code of practice - Legionnaires Disease - The Control of Legionella bacteria in water systems (L8).

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The Approved Code of Practice states that reviews of the water management in the form of risk assessments are carried out every two years, or following major changes to the operations of the site. This is to ensure that the risk assessment remains valid, and that any control measures in place remain effective.

When you appoint H2O Water Solutions, you can be rest assured that within one concise document you will have all the information to cover your legal requirement for risk assessment and all the tools to implement a site specific control scheme that will demonstrate clear compliance to HSE guidance.